"I believe that we are improving as we go up step by step towards things that we’ve dreamed of since our debut. I feel very honored, thankful, enjoyable, and happy to be able to share that dream with our Babys. […] Make sure to always eat well and always laugh a lot as well. And I hope that you would all always be healthy as well. 
We’ll continue to grow more through better stages, and come back more matured, so I hope you will wait just a bit till we return then. I’m always thankful, thanking, love, and respect you.”
- Yongguk

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Anonymous whispered: Hello can you please help me think of a daehyun url :))

I’m so sorry anon TT TT;; It’s so hard to think of one ;A;!! But I have ‘honeydae' (like honey vocals + daehyun LOOOL) url saved if you want? ^^ Message me off of anon if you want it!! 

*Sorry for such a late reply x__x;; 

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[♥] Participating B.A.P Fanbases are collecting donations for the sinking of the Sewol Ferry


We are collecting donations to buy and send daily necessities to the people devastated by the sinking of the Sewol ferry. The items to be bought will include towels, feminine products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, food, drink, and other things. This will be an ongoing effort, so we will collect donations until further notice. If you would like to participate, please send all donations through PAYPAL, to the email tsbabyz@hotmail.com.

Participating fanbases: 


BAP Brazil
BAP Indonesia

Please continue to keep the people affected in your thoughts and prayers.

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900419 - happy birthday to bap’s derp umma, kim himchan ♥

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